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by DannyUK

Like free coffee? Got a Costa Coffee card? Want free Costa points?

I’ve mentioned before that my kids love dragging me to coffee shops. Partly because they know I love it, and partly as they get a treat of their own when they get there. Costa seems to be their preferred choice, mainly because they tend to team up to try and find free Costa Clubcard points.

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Costa receipt showing the free points.

It’s easy to do, though rather having them race around the store and generally being a pain, they get reminded every visit that they aren’t allowed to interrupt anyone, and they mustn’t be a nuisance.

Quite simply, Costa offer points to every customer that buys something. 5 points for every pound that’s spent, to be precise. Each point is worth a penny, so if you buy a latte, that’s ten pence worth of points.

The thing is, not everyone has a Costa card, and in instances like this, Costa issue a receipt with the points value at the bottom. If you take this receipt in with your card, they will add the points to your card.

Quite often people will leave their receipts on the table when they finish their drinks, and if they haven’t used a card, the points can be added to your own card.

It’s not unusual for two people to spend £10 on food and drink in a coffee shop, which is 50p worth of points. It sounds really cheap, but the way I look at it, although I wouldn’t be bothered to pick up a penny in the street, I would definitely pick up a silver coin. That’s how I justify it to myself, at least!

If you don’t have a card, you should really pick one up at your local Costa as you get 100 free points when you register your Costa Coffee Club Card, which is an immediate free £1!

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The kids have gotten into the habit of disappearing in pairs, and can spot people leaving the store from a mile off, which is often their cue to have a look on the table for receipts. My eldest now has her own Costa card, so it’s not uncommon for her to keep the points though she’s still nice enough to give some to me sometimes.

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The biggest haul we’ve had so far has been over 100 points on one receipt, and the kids are desperate to beat this every time we enter the store. It certainly keeps them busy, and it keeps them out of trouble while I desperately try to finish my coffee - A coffee which, thanks to the free Costa points, is cheaper than normal!


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