A happy update

by DannyUK

Sometimes life gets tough. Everyone I speak to at the moment and to be struggling, physically, mentally or both. I have my own battles that I’m fighting, and dark days are unfortunately all too common. I try to keep the dark side away from my blog, merely touching on guest posts or the odd throwaway line about feeling down.

But today I’m good. I’m in my happy place, I feel loved. I feel secure. Hence, a happy update. In fact, I can’t stop smiling. It doesn’t happen often, so long may it last.


It’s the opposite to how I felt a few days ago, and I dare say the see-saw of emotions will continue, but in the days when I can barely force myself to go out and face the world, I know that there will be days like this to balance it out. Long overdue, maybe. Definitely welcomed. If only I could bottle this feeling.


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