Review: Giraffe Restaurant Chelmsford

by DannyUK

I’ve been a fan of Giraffe Restaurant for a while. Having first tried their restaurant in Lakeside a few years ago, I found the food to be good, the staff to be friendly and the restaurant to be suitable for kids.


Giraffe Restaurant - Huevos Rancheros Mexican Breakfast - Taken from a review of a Giraffe restaurant by

Huevos Rancheros Mexican Breakfast - free range fried or scrambled eggs, chorizo sausage, black beans, melting cheese, adobe sauce, avocado & tomato salsa on a warm soft corn tortilla.

When they announced that they were opening in Chelmsford, I knew they would be a welcome addition to what was fast becoming a mini avenue of restaurants, sitting alongside the likes of Wildwood, Zizzis and Nandos on the corner of Backnang Square and Springfield Road.

The girlfriend and I decided to try out Giraffe for breakfast on a Saturday morning after I’d been given a £20 voucher by my good friend Louise Kay. It was only just gone 9 am, and the restaurant was fairly empty.

The first thing we did, in true British style, was to order tea for two, and we weren’t disappointed. Many restaurants seem to skimp on cup sizes, but I’m pleased to say that the large teas were perhaps the biggest teas I’ve seen at a restaurant!

Giraffe food - Stacked Blueberry & Banana Pancakes with maple syrup. Giraffe Restaurant - Taken from a review of a Giraffe restaurant by

Stacked Blueberry & Banana Pancakes with maple syrup.

We had our choice of seats, and chose to sit by the windows where we could take part in our favourite pastime of people watching, and my other half sat patiently as I prattled on about how the previous tenants had been an art shop, and that Giraffe had extended the shop, meaning that we were sat at a table inside that would originally have been outside.

The fact that she not only listened but also made the appropriate head nods and murmurs of interest in the right places just goes to show that it really must be love. From memory, the extension of the restaurant seemed to take months, and it was some time between being rumoured that Giraffe were moving in and them actually opening their doors.

Giraffe receipt - Giraffe Restaurant - Taken from a review of a Giraffe restaurant by

Giraffe receipt - including a service charge!

The menu had a few variations of food, and although I’d normally go for a full brunch plate, I’d heard such good things about the Huevos Rancheros Mexican breakfast, that I decided to give that a go. Mrs DannyUK decided to opt for pancakes, and as you can see from the photo below, they were thick and stacked and looked absolutely gorgeous, and Giraffe Restaurant donate 50p from every Pancake Stack to “Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity” which grants wishes for seriously ill children across the UK.

Music was played throughout the whole time we were there, and the only way I could think to describe it would be latin-based jazz. It was fine for the hour or so that we spent there, but I can imagine 8 hours or more per day of the same would drive most staff insane.

It must be motivational though as the food was cooked and served extremely quickly. Both meals were a decent size and we both agreed that they were extremely filling. As we ate, the restaurant got busier, though we were always able to get the attention of a waitress if needed.

When it came to getting the bill, I was surprised to see that it included a service charge, which I’ve only ever noticed in restaurants when in a party of six or more, but their website explains that this policy is location-dependant and that it can be amended if needed, though I can’t see from the receipt where it has been added, unless it’s included in the price of the food. The entire meal, which was two meals and two drinks, was just over £20, a little on the expensive side for breakfast, though it was great tasting and filling.

Giraffe has a few offers on, including a cheap breakfast menu where you get food and a drink for a fiver, which is an offer I’d be more likely to take part in when I go next, as well as lunch for £6.25.

There’s also a Kids Meal available for £4.95 which includes a meal and drink, plus the weekly Wake Up Wednesday offer, which is when they offer a take out coffee for 50p before 10.30am. All current Giraffe Restaurant promotions can be found on their website.

Overall, Giraffe is well worth a visit. The food has always been good no matter what time of day I’ve been, and the menu doesn’t seem to have been adversely affected by being bought by Tesco in early 2013. If you’re still not sure, then trying following them on Twitter, as the Giraffe Twitter team have always been very good at interacting and serve only to strengthen the brand. They also have a weekly giveaway on Friday where there’s £40 worth of Giraffe gift vouchers up for grabs.

The official Giraffe website can be found at Disclaimer – this is an independent review, all words and opinion are my own. No payment or gift was received in lieu of this review.

The picture of Giraffe Restaurant in Chelmsford was kindly supplied by current Giraffe Restaurant promotions .


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