Suspended coffee - Pay it forward.

by DannyUK

This is a great idea, and being the coffee shop lover that I am, I assumed everyone knew about it, but the more I mention it, the more surprised I am that people seem unaware of it. Starbucks Suspended Coffee posterA suspended coffee is where you purchase two coffees, one for yourself and one for someone less fortunate.

That way, someone in greater need gets a hot drink at no cost to themselves. (Though Starbucks donate the money to Oasis to distribute the coffee rather than hold it in lieu in the store itsef)

Starbucks have offered this for a few months now, but have upped the offer by advertising that they will match each suspended coffee bought with an extra one paid for by them.

It’s a great way of doing a good deed, and though I’ll admit I’m not in the position to do this so much at the moment, Starbucks certainly deserve praise for doing this, especially as we are all so quick to point out their flaws.

Pay it forward.


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