My four kids have nicknames

The kids with Dick and Dom at Spamalot

The kids meet Dick & Dom! (photo by Kip Hakes)

Bear, Lele (pronounced LeeLee), Moo and Dude. Apart from Lele, which came as a result of her then 21 month old sister being unable to say her proper name, I’m not sure where any of the nicknames come from or why they have stuck. I think they originate from their mum, who in conversation even today with still use the nicknames when referring to them, but quite where she got the names from is a mystery.

Speaking to Loz the other day, she mentioned that she often refers to her son by various different names, and I don’t know if that’ll change as he grows up. Loz is quite outgoing, and I’m sure she will not hesitate to call J by some embarrassing nickname even when he’s at an age when he would rather she didn’t.

Since writing this, curiosity got the better of me and I asked my ex about the nicknames: Moo is shortened from Missy Moo Cat (to which my initial reaction is a sarcastic “well, obviously!”) though we’re not sure where the full title came from. She doesn’t call our 7yo son “Dude”, that’s something I seem to have picked up myself. Instead she calls his “Saus”, short for sausage pop as he loves sausages and they sizzle and pop. “Bear”, she’s not entirely sure, she just always remembers calling her Bear. Middle daughter is the only name my ex rarely shortens as she loves her name.

Do you have nicknames for your children, and if so, where did they come from?

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