Twuffer - Scheduling your tweets

by DannyUK

Twitter is all about being “in the moment”. 140 characters make sure that you are snappy with what you type, and that you get your point across quickly.


Part of Twitter’s popularity is that it is impressively speedy at spreading news. So much so that many news sites now use Twitter as a source of stories before getting confirmation.

Sometimes, though, there is a need for scheduling your tweets. I’m notoriously forgetful. I’m also prone to being lazy. There are times that I will remember someone’s birthday a few days in advance, but then will forget on the day itself. Twuffer allows me to write out a tweet and schedule it to be sent at some time in the future - A Godsend!

I’ve only used the service for a few days, but I’ve yet to experience any major problems. If you can get past the name, which let’s be honest, is a horrible name, (even if the name is a mix of Twitter Buffer, which is a pretty accurate description of what it does) then it’s fine.

Twuffer is web-based and can be accessed at, which asks you for permission to access your Twitter information (namely following new people, updating your profile but most importantly to post tweets on your behalf).

As a blogger, it also allows me to choose when I want to post tweets about my blog posts. One day I’ll figure out what time people tend to read blogs, and whether there is a good or bad time to tweet about them. Until then, I can vary the times and days that things get posted.


Logging in… It’s nice to see an app that doesn’t need access to absolutely everything to do its job. I’d argue that even some of the access it has here is probably unnecessary, but I’m happy enough with the bits it’s asking for here.

Twuffer - Authorising Twuffer

The Twitter authorisation screen.

Writing… Easy enough, and not too dissimilar to Twitter itself, with the added exception of asking when you’d like your tweet to be sent.

Twuffer - writing a tweet

When you write a tweet.

The final tweet… This appears on your Dashboard on the Twuffer website, and can be edited or deleted, or the time or date changed as needed.

Twuffer - A scheduled tweet

The final scheduled tweet.


At last, a return to simplicity. There are a few options around that will time delay your tweets, and it seems to mainly be a function offered by third party software rather than webpages that allow you to log in. This layout is simple and easy to use, there’s not much to it which means it’s virtually idiot-proof.

Historically the site has had some problems to do with the Twitter API, which was changed and meant that many sites and apps had to change various bits and pieces, but it seems to be ok other than that. There’s no need to register with the site itself, and it’s free to use!

Try it out and see how you get on. In the meantime, I’m going to Twuff a tweet to be sent long after I’m dead so that I can scare any future grandkids.


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