Nigella Lawson - I’m on her side

in the news at recently. Even today, the papers are carrying stories about her former employees who are spilling the beans on what went on behind closed doors between her and her ex husband, Charles Saatchi. The Sun even has a front page splash about the custody of a stuffed dog.

Last week came the revelations of drug taking and excessive spending, all on the back of the shocking images of Saatchi putting his hands around her throat earlier in the year which certainly sticks in my mind.

There’s plenty of speculation that she will find it hard to bounce back from this. That the voluptuous star, with her middle class ways and sultry looks to the camera will be seen in a different, less favourable light by viewers now.

For me, this is nonsense. If Nigella wants to go out taking coke, which is no different from the vast majority of people in their twenties, not to mention the entire industry that she works in, then let her. I’m not for one second advocating drug use, but let’s not collectively turn away from the fact that drug use is rife. She’s not actively snorting coke on camera.

If she wants to get out of an abusive relationship, ultimately meaning divorce, then let her. It’s never an easy process to go through, even in the happiest of splits, and I can guess it’s only harder when it’s played out across the UK media. What sane person wouldn’t advise their best friend to leave a relationship in the same circumstances? If she wants to stop her employees stealing from her, then all power to her (and although they’ve been acquitted, I think anyone in that situation would be shocked as to how much they took). I know that if I was a multi millionaire, I wouldn’t hesitate spending money too. £4,000 for a trip for her kids? Why not? It’s a drop in the ocean. You can spend that much and still not spoil your children.

It seems to me that she is being vilified as a direct result of being strangled, No one deserves the crap she is getting from the press, and she sure as Hell didn’t deserve to be throttled by Saatchi. This entire situation humanises her. In my eyes she is no longer a middle class mum trying to be sultry by licking chocolate from her fingers as she stares down a camera. As and when she comes through this ordeal (and she will. For all of TV’s failures, it will always stick with whoever is bringing in the viewers), she’ll be better for it. She will pass from being tabloid fodder to media darling again, and this time it won’t pass me by. I’m not normally a compassionate person, but after what she’s been through, I hope she’s able to hold her head high and carry on. I will be watching with admiration as she does so.

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