The best day of the year

No, I’m not four days early. Today is the best day of the year for me.


Christmas is fantastic but brings with it consumerism, conformity and stress (you MUST have a good time at Christmas. Must, must, must!), whereas in reality, it’s weeks of the same thirty or so Christmas songs on rotation in every shop and on every radio station, followed by the invariable family argument over Christmas dinner and a credit card bill the size of a phone directory left to pay the following year.

No, believe it or not, I do like Christmas, but today is my favourite day.

21st December. The shortest day of the year.

24 hours which signal the start of change. Ushering in Christmas and New Year, but more importantly, even though it signals the start of the Winter Solstice, is also acts as the gateway for Spring and Summer.

Today signals the beginning of the end for long nights. The dark mornings and leaving work when street lights are on slowly becomes a thing of the past. Whereas for six months the days have been getting shorter, they now only get longer.

Wonderfully, fantastically longer.

So Merry Christmas everyone. Happy New Year. Dare I say even “Happy holidays” in a bid not to offend anyone. But most of all, happy 21st December - the best day of the year!

by DannyUK


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