DannyUKtv - Britain’s fastest growing service

by DannyUK

Talk Talk have a new advert on tv at the moment stating that we should all “join Britain’s fastest growing tv service” (featuring the spaceman and the ballerina used in their previous “Date Night” video)

Talk Talk tv - Winter Wonderland

Is this misleading though? How can you define “fastest growing”? For example, if you take it over the past 25 years, you’d have to argue that Sky would be on top. Go back 80 years and the BBC would be clear winners.

If I start up a TV service (which I have, it’s self-shot videos which I then host on my own laptop) and then I decide that I am going to subscribe to my own channel, my viewing figures (and subscription levels) have increased from zero to one. An infinite increase. Which surely makes me the fastest growing TV service. And to paraphrase Richard Herring, if it’s not true, you can take me to court.

DannyUK TV - Britain’s fastest growing TV service. (Closed to new subscribers)

A flatscreen tv showing static.

Capturing my better side.


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