Victoria Beckham’s bedding range

by DannyUK

Victoria Beckham announced today that she had signed a contract to design her own range of bedsheets which will go on sale in time for the Summer 2014 season.

The deal, which is no more far-fetched than the former pop star having her own brand of perfume or range of jeans, is rumoured to follow in the lines of her successful clothing brand “Victoria Victoria Beckham” by being named “Victoria Victoria Victoria Beckham” or “Victoria Victoria Beckham Beckham” depending on which rumour you choose to believe.

One would hope that the simpler moniker Beckham Bedding may be adopted.

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Posh Spice looks bored in bed. That’d be my luck…

Posh Spice’s move into the ever-growing bedding market is not a surprise. She has always been a fan of luxury sheets.


A friend, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the multi-millionairess was considering naming any future daughter Goss after “Gossypium barbadense”, the Latin name for Egyptian cotton, which has led to rumours which have just been made up on this very page that the fashion icon is pregnant again, and possibly expecting the couple’s second daughter.

David Beckham poses in his underwear

Phwoar! Look at that… erm… bedding!

It was way back at the start of her career that Victoria came up with the line “What’s driving you is ambition and bedding” in the Spice Girl’s early hit “Who do you think you are”, revealing that her boudoir-designing desires date back the origins of the record-breaking girl group.

Her co-singers in the group were quick to persuade their friend to ditch the moniker “Bedroom Spice” which she had chosen to tie in with her love of bedsheets. adopting the now infamous nickname “Posh Spice”.

Although a successful business woman, Victoria is said to be wary of how well her new range will do. If there’s one thing I do know, though, there’re not many men out there that wouldn’t want to have Victoria Beckham in the bedroom.


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