Beard or no beard? A beard update!

by DannyUK


I figured out yesterday that my beard is the closest I’ll get to being green fingered. I’ve always been rubbish at keeping things alive. Plants and flowers begin to wither as soon as I pick them up. It astounds me that I’ve managed to keep four kids alive and kicking in all honesty. With the beard, though, it just grows. No maintenance needed.

The lack of upkeep, however, caused many people to dislike it. Having been blessed with a forehead that’s visible from space, and a hairline retreating back faster than the French in World War 2, my hair has always been short and has never required any kind of styling. Wash it. Dry it. Go out. That’s pretty much my morning routine.

So when it got to a stage where I was being told that the beard needed grooming, I had to make a decision. Do I embrace my metrosexual side and Google for the best beard butter, to invest in some grooming products, and then fight my ever image-conscious kids for the right to prance in front of the bathroom mirror at the weekend? Or shave and be done?

The question beard or no beard? was asked. The answering was a resounding… Well, a resounding mixed bag in all honesty.

So I made a decision. Given the lack of hair up top, and my naturally pasty white complexion, I reckoned that going clean shaven would leave me looking like a cue ball. But I’m too old to be farting about trying to groom my looks.

A fully charged set of hair clippers, and ten minutes later, this is the result… Is it any better?


Edit: For those interested, there is a great little site which offers a guide to beard trimmers. It also has articles on how to shape a beard, how to get your beard to grow faster and much more! Check out the best beard trimmer on the market there too.

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