Beard or no beard?

by DannyUK

At what stage does an unshaven man get his stubble to a length that it is considered a beard? A couple of days? A week? When it begins to feel soft rather than like velcro?


DannyUK beard

There is certainly a fashion embraced in this day and age for facial hair. It’s not a new thing of course. You can look at any decade and see men with full sideburns, crafted goatees or even just a let-it-grow approach to facial fuzz. Even my long deceased nan had a full growth of long white hair on her chin in the late 90s. But as 2013 draws to a close more and more men are sporting a beard.

I’m no exception, but mine is now verging on getting so big I’ll be able to house birds in it (see picture proof!).

Peter Griffin with a beard - Taken from an article by

I’ve no idea how to upkeep a beard. Do I trim it? Should it be an equal length all over? Short of paying money for someone to do it for me (and with a hairline like mine you’ll understand why I haven’t been near a barber for years), the most I do is brush it down with my hands.

So what’s the consensus? Long beard? Neat beard? Stubble? No beard? I’m open to suggestions.

Edit: For those interested, there is a great little site which offers a guide to beard trimmers. It also has articles on how to shape a beard, how to get your beard to grow faster and much more! Check it out at


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