Bucket Lists

by DannyUK

Kip’s post a few months back about death got me thinking.


The idea of a bucket list amuses me. A list of things to do before you die always strikes me as odd. When you finish the list, are you subconsciously ready for death? Or do you find more things to do? Things that weren’t important enough for the first draft, but now that you have more time, are stuff that you now want to do.

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A friend of mine once had a dream that I had passed away and that the funeral was a bizarre ritual which saw my coffin float off down the River Chelmer after being launched into the water outside Costa. The wake was, appropriately, then held in the coffee shop.

When I leave, that’s the sort of thing that people will remember about me. Not that my lifeless body was cast down the river in the city, but that I like coffee. Which is odd, as I only drink one cup per day.

The Tassimo machine at home remains relatively unused unless I’ve not been able to get to a coffee shop and need my caffeine fix, yet everyone - friends, work colleagues and relatives alike - all associate me with coffee shops.

A large amount of Costa Coffee in Chelmsford

If nothing else in life, I’ve done the Costa Chelmsford Challenge.

My girlfriend joked in passing the other day that I wanted to visit all of the Costa shops in the UK, and although it was tongue in cheek it’s as close as I’m ever likely to come to a hobby. It would be the first item on my bucket list even if only for the fact that it would take me decades to achieve due to sheer apathy.

And wouldn’t you know? This happened…

Even the stuff that I would like to do isn’t especially a “must do” for me. Parachute jumping, bungee jumping, and a hot air balloon ride are all up there, but they’re all stuff that would be nice to experience rather than something I’m desperate to try.

I never had any overwhelming urge to marry or have kids, though I did both and I’d never change the latter, though the former is certainly something that is tinged with regret, even if it felt like the right decision at the time. I’ve never wanted to climb Everest or K2, I’ve never wanted to drive across America.

All of the things that you so often hear people detail they want to do at some point in their life are things that don’t really appeal to me. I mean, I’d like to see the Northern Lights and visit New York, even if only to sit in coffee shops all day, but these are things that are easily achieved given some access to funds and some free time.

I guess everything is relative. At the moment, my health is OK. If I found out tomorrow that I had six months to live, I’d lament on all of the opportunities I had missed out on, and how I wasn’t able to do everything that I’d wanted to do.

Instead, I’ll sit here with my latte, toast my own good health and fortune and keep my bucket list down to one item for now: Draw up a bucket list before I die.


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