Insomnia thoughts - How my brain works when I can’t sleep…

by DannyUK

Insomnia thoughts - Things I think about when I’m tired but can’t get to sleep, a current list:


1) Is one large latte enough of a caffeine hit to stop me from sleeping?

Insomnia thoughts - Sleep vs caffeine diagram - Taken from an article by


2) I haven’t seen the kids Playdough set in months, so why do I keep finding tiny Playdough models everywhere?

3) How long can I leave unused water in the kettle before I should throw the old water away and refill the kettle when making a cuppa?

4) All or none. Why am I unable to find a middle ground when it comes to eating a packet of biscuits?

5) Why is it nicer to warm up cold feet on a hot body than it is to cool a hot body on cold feet?

6) How much wood WOULD a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

7) What’s a woodchuck?

8) Why does it annoy me that the word “Melbourne” in the Melbourne Open signs is off centre?

Melbourne logo

4 letters slanted one way, 5 letters slanted the other way. Grrr!

9) Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

10) Who decided that the word “lisp” should have an ‘s’ rather than a ‘th’ in it?


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