We’re off to see Dick and Dom!

by DannyUK

I’ve finally had confirmation of something that I’ve known about for a few days now, which means I can finally reveal on the blog that the kids and are I going to see Dick and Dom in Eric Idle’s Spamalot!


Some lovely PR people got in touch (thanks to Kip!) and so this coming Saturday I’m trekking down to London with all four of the kids where we will be taking part in a small rally to help promote things, and we then get the chance to watch the show. There’s even the promise of more Spamalot!-related fun, but I’ll wait until we’ve experienced it before I blog about it.

Spamalot logo



Although never a Monty Python fan in the truest sense of the word, I spent many hours watching the Meaning Of Life and the Holy Grail films with friends, and Spamalot follows a similar theme. It tells the tale of King Arthur (played by Dick) and the Knights Of The Round Table and contains various songs including Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, which my kids will be aghast to know I can remember all of the words to and will no doubt be singing along tunelessly to during the performance.

The show is being shown at the Playhouse Theatre in London for the next six weeks and promises to be popular, especially given the fantastic reviews it has had so far. Dick and Dom (the latter of whom plays Patsy) started their run last night, and I wish them the very best of luck. Hopefully, any start-of-run nerves will be well out of the way by the weekend and we’ll see them at peak performance.

Has anyone else seen Spamalot before?


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