Tom Daley is gay. Why we shouldn’t care.

by DannyUK

So Tom Daley has come out as gay. Well, he’s revealed that he is in a relationship with a man.

(Edit: The fine print of most articles reveals he is bi, apparently, with the emphasis being that he is in a gay relationship. Thought I’d amend that for clarity. The devil is in the detail.)

Tom Daley (Tom Daly) swimmer


It’s breaking news everywhere and will no doubt be a headline in the papers tomorrow. But with the greatest respect to Tom and everyone else involved, who cares?

This is a story that should grace the front of OK magazine, or be in Heat somewhere.

“Celebrity reveals details of relationship” is tittle-tattle reading for bored minds, and though there’s nothing wrong with that at all (trust me, what Heat is to some, Twitter is to me so it’s not a criticism) if news of Tom Daley’s love life is plastered over Sky News, then so should the ongoing saga of TOWIE’s Mark Wright and his love life, or who Jordan has been impregnated by now.

Congratulations Tom. I wish you all the best in your relationship. But sincerely, I hope that my apathy to your announcement be the start of a growing trend where it no longer matters what sexuality you are.


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