Don’t drop the baby!

by DannyUK

The Entertainer is a toy store in Chelmsford which is one of the few shops in the city centre not to open on Sundays.

I’m sure I remember reading back in the past that it was for religious reasons, but I could be wrong.


DX crotch chop

Their front window always has a display in it, and every year they put a nativity scene in the smaller window in the lead up to Christmas.

This year they’ve done the same, though whoever has put the scene together has positioned the arms of Mary in such a way that it makes her look like she has dropped the baby Jesus.

Either that or she is an old-school WWE fan and is crotch chopping like her DX idols.

The Entertainer Nativity scene - Don't drop the baby!

Joseph: “Mary, you’ve dropped the baby! Jesus Christ, woman!”
Mary: “That’s a great name for a baby!”


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