Beatles Red album vs Beatles Blue album

by DannyUK

It’s little things in life that annoy me.  In my early teens I was given a copy of the two Beatles albums that are referred to as the Red and Blue albums.


They span the first and second half of the groups hits accordingly.

The cover of each album is of the four members, taken in EMI’s London office.  

The Beatles Red album, which consists of their early hits, shows the four band members in 1963.

Beatles red album

The Blue album was a photo requested by the band, and taken in 1969.

Beatles blue album

You can immediately see what the idea behind the two pictures was.  

Each Beatle is in the same position from left to right, and each are adopting the same pose. But what annoys me the most is that I’m certain they’re standing on the floor below for the latter picture.  

If you’re going to recreate a picture, which is definitely what’s happened here, you’d surely make sure that everyone was on the same floor, no?


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