The One

by DannyUK

Being in a long distance relationship is hard. I knew that when it started and however long down the line it is, it doesn’t get any easier.


Don’t get me wrong, there are upsides. I have a lot of time to myself - something I cherish. It also means that whenever I see my girlfriend, the week or two leading up to it is a brilliant build-up of excitement where I am - at times literally - counting down the hours.

But we both have lives to lead. I have a family down here, she has her own children 200 or so miles away where she lives. Logistically it’s a nightmare, and we seem to meet on average every 4-6 weeks, and even that time is cut short by commitments at home.

Last year we managed to arrange a few days in a row together. It was great. We wandered around London, and as a result every time I think of certain places, my mind instantly pictures her, and I break into a smile. This year we seem to have managed to arrange a full week together.

Seeing as we have so much time to ourselves these days, having both come out of long term marriages, and how we rarely spend more than a couple of days together, plus the fact that we both revel in having our own space, my girlfriend has been teasing me.

“How will you cope with having me so close for so long?” she playfully asks.

A more pertinent question would be how do I cope with having her so far away for so long?


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