Renaming the days of the week

by DannyUK


I was having a discussion this morning with my flatmate who works for the local council. Many a conversation between us ends with one of us (usually me) commenting on the daft procedures in place at his work. When Summer rolled around, he was told that he could start going in casually dressed as the council were concerned about people being too hot and the fallout they could face.

Yesterday he returned with a laptop having been told that he can now work from home every Friday. I’m still not sure of the thought process behind that one because as far as I know he hasn’t requested to work from home, nor does he have a need to do so, but his bosses have decreed that it should be so.

This morning’s discussion revolved around disliking certain days of the week.

Monday, obviously, is the most hated day, so with the council in mind we agreed that we should put forward an argument to the council that, in an effort to improve morale within the organisation, Monday should immediately be renamed to Tuesday part 1, with Tuesday remaining Tuesday.

Alternatively we propose that Monday be known as “post-weekend day” and Friday to be known as “Friday - pre-weekend day”. This allows the council to keep the popular “Friday” name, but also give the feel of a four day weekend every week.

Other points for consideration include not isolating the younger generation of workers who can’t spell, so Wednesday should be spelt as “Wensday”, and Thursday should be spelt phonetically “Fursday”

Lastly, in order to appeal to the council’s sense for spending money, we propose that they pay someone several million for these changes.

There’s another (slightly more serious) post about the council coming later.


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