How much does the Essex Chronicle cost the Essex taxpayer?

by DannyUK

The Essex Chronicle has a history of digging deep into the goings on in and around Chelmsford.

As they are the main local paper (with a respectable nod here to the Weekly News), they try and get local scoops. A lot of the stories tend to revolved around Essex County Council and Chelmsford City Council, as you’d expect.

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But what is the cost to the ordinary Joe Blogger for the Chronicle’s continued digging for new stories? What I mean by that is that the information has to be gained from somewhere, and thanks to the Freedom of Information Act newspapers (and individuals) have access to a lot more information.

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I put a throwaway comment on Twitter:

“Under the Freedom of Information Act I’d like to know how much it costs @Essex_CC to reply to the Chronicle.”

Essex County Council contacted me for my email address and said that they’d get the information to me.

A few weeks later and an email appeared in my inbox from David Humphreys who, according to the email, is part of the “IS Records Manager Informatio n Management” team. His response was sketchy in detail, stating simply “The time taken to gather the information requested by the Chronicle was 16 hours, which at an average cost of £25 per hour cost £400 in total.”

A couple of things stand out for me here. Firstly, is that for just one story, or is that the cost of a years worth of enquiries? Secondly, how is the cost of £25 per hour worked out? Does that mean that there is (effectively) someone paid £25 per hour to look into Freedom of Information Requests for Essex County Council?

Maybe it’s something that the Chronicle can look in to for us.

Freedom of Information request - Essex County Council


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