Tassimo Carte Noire Creme Brulee drink

by DannyUK

Having had the Tassimo machine for a couple of weeks now, I thought I’d do a quick update on one of the drinks that I bought for the machine.

Generally I’m enjoying having it and as I mentioned before it was a bargain when I got it, and even if I never used it, I’d still make occasional coffee with it. The drink that I’ve been enjoying most often recently is the Carte Noire Crème Brûlée drink. Ordered on a whim, there are 8 drinks (using 16 pods: a milky one and a flavoured one) in the pack.

The first time I made the drink, the reservoir was almost empty at the back of the machine, and when the finished drink took up just the bottom couple of centimetres in the cup, I thought that the machine had simply run out of water midway through. I refilled the tank and made another.

This time I was expecting a full cup, but again I got a shallow drink. A quick search online showed very little in the way of information on the drink or the size it should be, but a couple of reviews on Amazon revealed some discontent among customers who had bought this expecting a full sized coffee and ending up with the equivalent of an espresso shot.

The packaging doesn’t help, being vague and without a picture of the finished article, and there are no instructions or illustrations (in English) inside either.

Tassimo Carte Noire Creme Brulee drink

Tassimo Carte Noire Creme Brulee drink

As for the taste, you’d be hard-pushed to call it coffee. It smells delicious and you’d easily identify it as Crème brûlée (or at the very least a vanilla-based drink), plus it’s intensely sweet, but it lacks the kick that a normal espresso-based drink would bring.

Part of me thinks that due to the size and sweetness of the drink, it is merely meant to be an addition to an existing latte - as a flavour rather than a drink in its own right.


That said, I liked it. I have a sweet tooth, though, and I know many other coffee drinkers that wouldn’t like this at all, and it’s probably a taste that many would find hard to adapt to.

The cost for 8 drinks varies depending where you choose to buy - £3.99 from Tassimo, £4.49 from Tesco or a whopping £8.65 from Amazon.

Is it worth it? Well, I’ll be buying them again, but I doubt it’s something that’s regularly reordered by most. If you like sweet drinks, give it a go. Otherwise, steer clear and stick to the standard latte.

UPDATE:  As of August 2015 it doesn’t look as though these are being produced any more!

Carte Noire Creme Brulee Tassimo drink

The final product - a shallow cup of sweetness.

Something this short, shallow and sweet is not normally seen outside of an episode of The Only Way Is Essex.


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