Things kids say

My 9 year old was set homework a few weeks ago, and decided to start it whilst at mine:

9yo: “Daddy, I need to invent something for my school homework and I don’t know what to do.”
Me: “Well use your imagination.”
9yo: “How about a bike that works itself?”
Me: “That sounds like a bit like a motorbike, doesn’t it? Can you think of something else?”

A few seconds of umming and ahhing followed.

9yo: “I can’t think of anything.”
Me: “Ok, Well think of something that you don’t you like doing.”

I’ll be honest, I was thinking of something like homework, or tidying her room, from which I was going to lead on to suggesting that she perhaps look to invent something to do that job for her.

9yo: “I don’t like stroking cats.”

An unexpected twist that caught me a little by surprise.

Me: “We don’t have any cats!”
9yo: “But you told me to use my imagination!”

She is far quicker-witted than I give her credit for sometimes.

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