From the mouths of babes (and some dad advice)

by DannyUK

Another weekend passes, and another weekend with the kids.

My (just turned) seven-year-old son came out with a couple of crackers this week.


Firstly, I heard myself giving out some typical “dad” advice when later on my son said to me “Dad, every time I swallow my throat hurts.” My response? “Don’t swallow then.”

Later, I got asked “Dad, if you could be an animal what would you be?”

After some thought, I replied that I’d be a bird so that I could fly high in the skies. Figuring he’d have his own reasons for asking me, I turned the question back to him.

“What would you be, son?”

His answer was quick and confident: “I’d be a banana!” before I had time to question this, he finished “No, wait. I mean a monkey.”

Easy to get the two confused, I guess.


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