Turning into my mother

by DannyUK

A strange thing has happened to me this week.


I’ve had a week off of work and have been looking after the kids, dropping them to and from school each day and making sure they are fed at night. This was all a fairly normal life until I split up from their mum a few years back, and now it seems that I am relatively used to them not being around.

This week was the first full-on week for a year that I’ve had them. Although the hours of 3pm to 9am are fraught with various kid-related pitfalls, mainly related around one trying to beat up another (and in that sentence “one” could be any one of the four and “another” could be any one of the remaining three, it’s that random). From 9am to 3pm though, the day is mine, and I had absolutely nothing planned for the week.

So, as a 35 year old guy, what have I done? Well, there’s been some FIFA played, I won’t lie, but that’s hardly unusual. The things that are “out of the norm” though are as follows:

  • Made lasagne from pasta sheets and jars rather than by reheating a frozen meal.
  • Ordered and set up this new domain (DannyUK.com)
  • Ordered some net curtains for the living room after living here for 18 months without them.
  • Got excited over the new washing machine that was delivered.

As the title suggests, I think I’m turning into my mother. If you see me start to blog about longing for a garden or moaning about the infrequency of local buses, feel free to pull me up.


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