Car accidents in snow

by DannyUK

I was driving along Linnet Drive in Chelmsford last Winter. There had been a heavy snowfall which had settled on the ground and brought the area to a relative standstill.


The main roads had been cleared, but the back roads, and streets that weren’t used by buses, were in a bad way.

I had my mum in the car and was doing my best to drive as safely as possible when we came to a car that was parked in the middle of the road, hazard lights on, no driver or passengers visible, and left in the snow. As we got closer it was easy to see that it had been hit quite badly - so much so that the two front wheels were pointing in different directions and the car was obviously screwed.

“Bloody Hell, look at that!” I said to mum, trying to point out how dangerous it was to drive in these conditions.

“Yeah,” she replied in agreement, “he’ll be disappointed - He’s left his lights on.”

I’m still unsure whether she was being serious or not.


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