Wafflepod - Episode 6

The more I post these blogs, the more I think I should change the titles. Then again, having the same format appeals to the weirder side of me, so for now “Episode *whatever*!” can stay.

Episode 6 is a podcast recorded on the go, brought to you via a trip up the A12, bringing back memories of the first few WafflePods that we did in 2011. Those WafflePods are, sadly, no longer available online. You may all have a moment to collect your thoughts… We learnt the hard way last year that a microphone that’s left to rattle around in amongst a load of loose change doesn’t make easy listening, so this time we adopted the routine we settled on towards the end of the original run - one of us held the mic. Yep, it’s all mod cons in the WaffleCar.

In this episode:

Tasha describes her hatred for Excel.
Dan reveals how much a whip held by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones film could be worth.
One of the Wafflers reveals something extremely personal (and gross) about an ex-partner’s bits.
If you only listen to one podcast this week… I’d probably recommend something by Richard Herring. Failing that, download WafflePod episode six. NOW! (You’ll have to look for it though…)


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