An awkward question

by DannyUK

Kids say the weirdest things, and having four of them (kids, not weirdest things) I get to experience some truly astounding outbursts.


My youngest daughter turned 9 last week, and I had promised that she could choose our activities this weekend as a belated birthday treat.

She doesn’t ask for much, and so after a day in a local park and an afternoon in a soft play area we were on our way to visit friends in the car. The journey from Monkey Puzzle back home is about thirty minutes. Long enough for the kids to recover from two hours of running about like loons (or as I suspect it is in the case of my family, enough time to recover from the stamina training that helps them to be noisy all day, fall asleep late and wake at 5am, but that’s by the by.)

“Daddy,” began my birthday princess with a tone that indicated she had a serious question that she needed answering.


“Would you rather have cancer or never see your family again?”

24 hours later and I’m still not sure where the question came from, and I’m still not sure what constitutes the correct response.

My bemusement, and my wish to satisfy her curiosity led to a stuttered reply of “Wha-? Why do you-? Cancer, of course. I can’t imagine never seeing any of you again! But where did-? I mean-. Wow.”

Apparently she had “just been thinking about it”, and it stemmed from nothing that lurked in the background.

Being the good father that I am, I decided against pointing out that the former could well lead to the latter anyway, and instead changed the subject. Smart move, dad. Smart move.


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