by DannyUK

I’ve never had much of a problem sleeping in the past. But for two days in a row now I’ve woken early and sloped off to Costa before work. 


I’m not sure what’s caused the sudden insomnia though someone at work asked if it was due to worrying about my new role. 

I can honestly say that I’m not in the least bit concerned.  I’m looking forward to starting there on Tuesday and really believe that I can do well there. 

My only ambition regarding work right now is to do well at Cheshunt and eventually make a move back to Chelmsford and be branch manager in my home city (something I never managed to achieve at HFC). 

Dan sleeping


Chelmsford is a big branch for the bank, and moving there as a manager is pretty much the biggest step you can take as a Branch Manager at the bank.  Then next step up from that is promotion to an Area Manager.

Obviously Chelmsford is doubly attractive to me as it’s on my doorstep, and since I moved here in 2000 I’ve been trying to get a permanent long-term role in the City, but every time I start here I find that either I don’t enjoy the job or that I have to move to get career progression, which is a pain.

I still have other dreams and ambitions bubbling away under the surface, but they are on a back seat at the moment until situation, chance or reason dictates I can do something about them. 

In the meantime I need to get my teeth into a management role that I have been working my way back to since the start of last year, leading a team in a very customer-focussed and non-sales-focussed way, which is going to be interesting.


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