Google Nexus 7 keyboard

by DannyUK

This is just a quick test post to try out my new Bluetooth keyboard which I’ve bought (on the recommendation of the Football365 forum) to use alongside the Nexus 7.


Initial thoughts are that it’s quite natty, though I’d certainly underestimated just how small the keyboard is (by which I mean I knew it would be the same size as the tablet, but had underestimated just how fat my fingers are compared to the small keys.)

For twenty quid, it’s not bad, though I’ve just realised that it’s an American keyboard with an @ above the 2 and a $ above the 4 key.  Pretty sure I’ll live, though, especially as there must be a setting to change it to a UK keyboard.

The keyboard once it's clipped in place on the Nexus 7.

The keyboard once it’s clipped in place on the Nexus 7.

Edit: Well, one thing it seems it’s really easy to do is post a post midway through writing it. Meh. The keyboard has a lip which holds the Nexus 7 in place in landscape, essentially turning into a small touchscreen laptop, which is a neat way of making a tablet much more useful. The keyboard itself has a hard back which allows it to clip onto the Nexus and acts as a protector and another way to stop getting crap all over the screen (or is that just me?). Seeing as I’ve taken the time to update this post when originally all I wanted to do was to try out the keyboard, I’ve even managed to throw up a couple of pictures too. Talk about spoiling you.

I’ll definitely be getting some use out of it though it’s rather telling that I’ve chosen to finish the rest of this post off with my laptop rather than doing it on the Nexus. Carrying around a tablet and keyboard is far easier than a laptop, so I’ll definitely get some use out of it. Ask me again in six months if it’s worth the money.

The keyboard with the Nexus 7 fitted.

The keyboard with the Nexus 7 fitted.

At one stage this was a massively expensive £39.99, though as I write this it’s only £16.79 and a worthy addition for the protection it gives when carrying around the tablet, not just for the wireless keyboard capability it allows.

A quick test revealed that it also worked with my Nexus 4 phone too, and I suspect it’ll work seamlessly with any Bluetooth device.

Oh, and the link, via Amazon - IVSO® Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case For Google Nexus 7 Tablet (BLACK Keys)


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