Spring has Sprung

by DannyUK

It may have taken until the middle of April but it seems as though Spring has sprung in 2013 at last.


Yesterday I ventured into town with only a t-shirt to keep my torso warm - an act that only a month ago would have seen me turn into a 6ft smurf.

Yesterday’s trip gave me no side effects such as frozen arms, or windswept cheeks, and today I’ve decided to come to work without a coat. Brave steps for a man in his mid-thirties who uses his coat as much as a comfort blanket or keyholder than anything.

Sunshine definitely brings out my happy side. Not that I intend to spend much time in the sun. I burn when I think about warm weather, much less when I actually sit in direct sunlight.

Sit me in the sun for a couple of hours and my forehead could be used as a source of heat for a fortnight such is my ability to burn.

No, I enjoy the sun because everyone’s mood picks up. Everyone is happier and the world is a better place.

It also means that people choose to take their coffees and sit in whatever passes for external seating at the coffee shops, meaning I can sit in virtual silence in a fairly unoccupied and fully air conditioned shop. Bliss.

With the clocks going forward a couple of weeks ago (and I only found out this year that they change on the last weekend in March and the last weekend in October every year. How did I job know that before?) the days are longer and life is better.

I even had the windows and balcony doors open in the flat yesterday. Another first for the year. Well, open for the first time without me having a coat on, or the heating cranked up.


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