Tipping in the UK - Do you tip the pizza guy?

by DannyUK

I saw an advert for pizza last night, and it got me wondering whether it’s customary to tip the guy or girl that delivers the pizza. So I asked Twitter.

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The Question

The first few replies came quick and fast.

Tipping in the UK

A flurry of answers straight away, and a real mixed bag.

Finally someone gave the answer that I would have done.

Tipping in the UK

A clarification from Paul (who does the same thing as I do)

A couple more have the same answer.

Tipping in the UK

Two more say yes.

Last two.

Tipping in the UK

A final couple of differing answers.

So the final conclusion?

Four say yes (or five if you include “be faster next time” as a tip!), two say sometimes and two say a definite no.

I tend to err on the side of saying no to tipping, though I admit that - like Paul - if I pay cash I tend to tip, but I only because I feel that I should.


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