London, baby!

by DannyUK

I woke up this morning and made the decision to head into London for the day.


Yesterday had been the mildest day we’ve had this year and having checked the weather forecast yesterday it seemed that today would be the same.

Two hours later and I’m sat in Costa on Borough High Street having been completely frozen on my walk down from Liverpool Street. Mild weather, my arse.

Even more annoyingly, the WiFi in here is password protected and I can’t be bothered pushing in at the front of the queue to find out what the password is. Meh.

With no real concrete plans in place I dropped a quick message to someone I follow on Twitter who works near London Bridge to see if he asks free for coffee as we’d both made noises about meeting up if ever either of us happened to be local to the other, but he’s replied saying he is only free after lunch, so I’ll see how my day pans out before committing to anything.

London, baby!

Part of the reasoning for coming to London was a chance to do some more walking.

I have Google Now on my phone which does many funky things, one of which was to tell me I walked around 14 miles in total last month.

Fourteen miles is nothing, and although I don’t know how accurate it is (my walk town work is half a mile each way, which is twenty miles straight off) it has put me a frame of mind that I need to do more walking.

Given that a game of badminton caused me to (mildly) injure my hamstring three weeks ago (and I now fully understand why people talk about ‘popping’ that muscle as that is exactly how it felt) I’m still suffering from slight pains every now and then when I walk, which hasn’t stopped me from getting about, but is certainly making me conscious of how far I push myself.

The weekend walk along the river was over 2.5 miles and I’ve done about 1.5 miles or more today (tracked using Endomondo, but it didn’t capture the walk to the station) and I reckon I’ll have doubled that by the time I get home tonight.

The journey in was pleasant enough, though at £24 for a Travelcard from Chelmsford I am pretty sure I’ve been overcharged, but I can find nowhere online that quotes Travelcard prices from Chelmsford, only single and return journeys. Frustrating.

I’m pretty sure that the same journey at the same time of day three months ago cost a tenner less, but instead of stewing on it I will just ask when I get back to the station. If I find out then that I’ve been overcharged I can start ranting and raving.

Back to today, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. My only concrete plan is to meet Kip for drinks in Chelmsford later for his birthday (Happy birthday by the way, dude) which will be a welcome relief to rate my aching body later.


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