My favourite book - The book, the film, the t-shirt

by DannyUK

“The book, the film, the t-shirt” has been my favourite book for years. I love days like this. British Summer Time has started and the extra hour of sunshine in the evening seems to make a Hell of a difference, and I can settle down and read an old favourite.


Added to that I have a week off from work and that this is the first day that town hasn’t been surrounded by hundreds of others who are also off from work (bloody Easter holidays) then all in all I’m a happy bunny.

I’m currently sat in Costa re-reading ‘The book, the film, the t-shirt’ by Matt Beaumont. It’s my favourite book by a country mile and I haven’t read it in years (having lent it to Vicci years ago and never getting it back).

It was well worth the £3 or so that it cost on eBay. For some reason I always thought I had liked it due to the characters visiting a couple of haunts that I had been to in the past, namely the Old Kent Road in London where I worked for 18 months and New Cross where I seemed to spend my late teens at a nightclub called The Venue.

Having just started re-reading it, the main character is from Chelmsford, which had totally escaped my mind.

The book, the film, the t-shirt

My favourite book.

I don’t have much planned for the next week. I was hoping to have got an annual bonus from work, but due to making a loss that never happened (a bank with morals, who’d have thought?) which means that everything pencilled in for this week has - at best - been reduced down or in most places cancelled.

I’ll probably still slope off to London for a day but it’ll be with a packed lunch and a museum visit rather than meeting Tasha for lunch and pissing money away. That lottery win really cannot come fast enough.

Since writing this I’ve texted Tasha to try and cadge a lift into town to save on train fare, but she’s not in London tomorrow which was when I was planning to go, so I may alter my plans accordingly.

The weather is unseasonably cold for this time of year, so much so that there is a forecast for snow this week. I’d throw in a line like “I used to cry for Tracey cos he was my only friend” but it’s from an obscure (but relevant) Prince song that almost no one will know. In fact, the only person I know that would get the reference is my ex-wife, and we shared the joke a day or two ago when I went round there to collect the kids just as a blizzard started.

Other than that, there’s nothing much to say in an open blog post. I may write a protected post about stuff from work, but that’s all positive stuff which is a welcome change.

There is a pile of ironing waiting for me at home which has been staring at me for two days and I really should get done (edit: That’s now been done - amazing what a dose of caffeine does to me), as there’s nothing worse than having to do it at the end of a week off when you have the hump about returning to normality.

There’s very few people in the world that I can imagine saying “I know what will cheer me up - that massive pile of shirts that need ironing. Yay!” Apart from Tasha’s other half, Jack, who appears to enjoy it. But then he runs five miles for fun, so I generally take most things that he enjoys with a healthy pinch of salt.

I’d envisaged spending some time with Scouse Girl this week when I’d booked the time off, but our diaries clash (wow, that’s a pretentious thing to write down) and though I’m tempted to drive up just to see her for a few hours, I can’t afford such an expensive drive for so little time. I see her in a week and a half, though, which makes it a little easier.

I got so bored over the weekend that after making (read: “throwing a ready meal in the oven”) and eating dinner on Sunday I went for a stroll. Starting at mine, I followed the river for a mile or so, traipsing across fields and past horses, spending up through the dark passages under bridges and slowing down to enjoy the sights and sounds of various locks on the water. It was lovely, and I’m surprised I haven’t walked it more often.

I got home an hour after I’d left and I’d walked two and a half miles - a nice speed given I was in no rush and had spent some time looking at graffiti, and watching ducks on the water.

It helped that I was listening to music as I walked, lost in my own little world. I got a text halfway through from Scouse Girl asking why I was there (courtesy of having Google Latitude on my phone) which made me smile.

Many people can’t stand the thought of advertising to friends and family where you are at all times, but being in a long distance relationship I find it quite comforting being able to see where she is, and vice versa.

Life, in general, is quite nice right now, and though I feel like I am waiting for something big and juicy to step in and screw things up for me (and can envision exactly what that is likely to be, unfortunately), I’m embracing the happy feelings and sitting here smiling.


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