Recording podcasts on Android

by DannyUK

I saw Tasha for the first time in ages last night, and we used the opportunity to record a couple of podcasts.


This is the first time we’ve done the podcasts without any iGadgets being used to record, having historically recorded using my iPhone 4, and so recording podcasts on Android was going to be a new experience.

I couldn’t find a standard voice recorder on my new Nexus 4 and instead chose to download an app that would allow me to record. I did a few tests and realised that any decent quality was resulting in a massive file size compared to the normal podcasts and that any comparable size was resulting in fairly rubbish quality.

As a result I now have three or four thirty second soundbites of me sounding really bored saying things like “this is the eleven megahertz version and I need to talk for thirty seconds to get a comparison…”

This wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the fact that these pop up on shuffle every now and then when I’m listening to music which is either amusing (when alone) or downright embarrassing (in company). Or a mood killer during sex (once, before you ask, and as I was setting up some music rather than starting as I was underway).

Recording podcasts on Android

In 3… 2… 1…

We recorded the first podcast in two parts. Before and after dinner, and on listening back it was immediately obvious that the quality was terrible (and recorded in wav format which I haven’t seen since the 90s). Whatever setting is left the voice recorder on, it had produced a decent file size and a rubbish quality which was a nuisance. Undeterred, I’ve uploaded it anyway and it goes live on Thursday.

We moved on to a second podcast and recorded that on an iPhone.

The second was better in terms of sound quality and content, so I’m pleased we switched back, but now I’m having to look for something that will allow me to achieve similar results in Android.

Having had a look around yesterday, it seems that most apps record in wav format which isn’t ideal add I want either mp3 or mp4 and am too lazy to sit and convert the files. There’re no great reviews for anything that provides what I’m looking for so I think it’ll just be trial and error in the sorry term, and recording with a backup on iPhone somehow to ensure we have at least one decent copy.

The next podcast will probably involve Kip, who is better at technical things like that so I dare say he will have some input. If we could only commit to doing them on a more regular basis, I’d be a happy podcaster.


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