Eldest daughter does Samba!

by DannyUK

Last night was eldest daughter’s first chance to perform for others as part of the samba band that she takes part in at school.


The performance was leaked to me via the school’s Twitter page, and eldest didn’t know about it until I mentioned it.

Aged 12, she has been taking part in the band more or less since she joined the school in September, and I was surprised to see that she was the only one out of her group of friends to be a part of it.

The show was only half an hour long, with the samba band performing two songs, “Samba salsa” and “Clapping music”.

The first was a self-penned cacophony of noise using various drums, tambourines and other instruments that made it one of the loudest spectacles I’ve witnessed recently.

My decision to sit in the second row was certainly brought into question given the volume.

The latter song was primarily based around clapping, and it was annoyingly slightly out of time the whole way through.

It was only at the end that the music teacher stood and explained that the way it was written was a “minimalistic style” where all the beats are very slightly out. Either way the band got a very loud applause from the fully crowded hall, and the eldest was done for the night as the samba band handed over to a school choir called Las Estrellas who performed three songs.

The two groups are spending the day in Oxford on Friday in the hope of advancing in a nationwide competition. I’m sure they’ll both do well.

Eldest seemed to enjoy herself, and despite only banging away on a tambourine, she is still streets ahead of her dad who once scored just 1% at an end of year music exam.

The fact that she goes along to practice without any of her friends is the biggest indicator to me that she enjoys it so long may that continue. Afterwards, we sat and chatted in the hall over a fizzy drink and a cup of tea before wandering back home.

It’s not often that I spend time alone with just one of the kids and is nice to see them when they’re not distracting each other or vying for attention.


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