2012 - a year in review

by DannyUK

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. The year started with the best of intentions to make this blog more public, but in doing so it quickly became apparent that it meant less personal-based entries and more random ones. As a result I’ve been less inclined to put too much up here.


So what’s the year been like? Well seeing as I started the year fully expecting to have to move halfway through, that never happened. I’m still at the flat that I love I the middle of Chelmsford, albeit now sharing with a friend rather than living on my own.

Beardy Chris has lived with me for a couple of months or so now, and although he has a couple of quirky ways I dare say that so do I. At least I like him, unlike the last flatmate, unkindly nicknamed HippoCrocoPig, who had an aversion to washing and working (but not to wanking, it seemed).

She was hard to get along with, and once she left and I’d had a good clean round the flat, the stale smell that had hung in the air for weeks seemed to vanished.

I also started work at the bank this year. It took two months from application to start date, but I’ve now been there ten months and (so far) I’m enjoying it.

My colleagues are nice enough and the work is easy. The downside is that it doesn’t pay well, but it’s better than nothing. I was really hoping to have been pushing for promotion by now but - aside from an unsuccessful interview in September for a higher role - that’s not on the horizon.

Even if it was, the payrise that goes with it is likely to be so small that it might not be worth the move given that at the moment I’m a ten minute walk from work and any promotion would take me at least a thirty minute drive away.

My love life has never been better, as you may have guessed from the lengthy entries back in September. Scouse Girl (as she’ll forever be known in my head) is visiting this weekend and I know how much I’m looking forward to it when I look at the clock after ten hours of ignoring it and find that only thirty minutes have passed since I last checked the time.

There have been a couple of dark periods too. At the start of this month was the worst I’ve felt in some time (in fact I wrote a brief blog entry at the time and never posted it) and as much as I felt I was hiding it, it seems I wasn’t as friends were concerned and colleagues commented on my mood.

Bizarrely the darkness fell away after just two or three days and it seemed to happen when Mary at work - who is far and away my favourite person there - said that my mood was bringing her down. I felt so guilty that all of a sudden the mood seemed like melancholy rather than depression and I perked up soon after. I noted that all down periods this year occurred after I’d seen Scouse Girl and wasn’t due to see her again for some time.

This year has also seen an argument with my mum which stopped us talking to each other for a couple of weeks, someone threatening to ‘smash my face in’ in the toilets of a local pub if he ever saw me again, day trips to London, Chester and Liverpool, no West Ham games, a return to recording the WafflePod podcast and the sporting of a full beard which - in the words of the bitchy Kip - makes me look like a tramp.

2012 - Peter Griffin with a beard

My ultimate goal…

There were no decorations put up in the flat this year (and a “Bah! Humbug” to you too) and a handful of cards sent out over the festive period.

It’s seen old friends slip further into my past and new friends brought closer to the forefront of my life.

It’s seen dreams of self-employment evaporate fully before flickering again with the feintest glimmer of life and hope again. This year has even seen me join a gym. Which I haven’t yet been to.

The kids are a year older, though seemingly not a year wiser, though definitely more argumentative than they were. The eldest has started secondary school and is slowly gaining more independence. I still can’t get used to bumping into her in Starbucks when I’m out on my own.

2013 will start with me and ScouseGirl celebrating the new year. I’ve no idea where it’ll lead or what will happen. I have no real expectations, only hopes and dreams. That’s enough for now. They need to progress beyond fantasy at some point, but for now I’m happy with life.

Happy New Year.


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