Things that annoy me

by DannyUK

Things that annoy me today (in no particular order):


The fact that I got my dates confused over something.

That Waterstones’ WiFi isn’t working. Again.

My Sky WiFi continues to be temperamental.

A colleague’s insistence on having a conversation despite the fact that she has almost completely lost her voice. Not that engaging with Minnie Mouse isn’t amusing and entertaining, of course.

Washing machines. Especially new ones.

Ex-West Ham players. Especially ones playing for Liverpool.

Things that annoy me - Julian Dicks in Liverpool kit - Image taken from the Liverpool Echo

Ex- West Ham players playing for Liverpool annoy me. Not this guy, though. The living legend, Julian Dicks.

That someone said they needed to talk to me then promptly buggered off for the day.

The fact that the above someone will no doubt read this.

The over exposure of Christmas. And the continued whoring of Santa Claus. Bah humbug!


Trousers that are too long for my legs. Or legs that are too short for my trousers, if you prefer.

That I’ve never noticed a small step in the local Waterstones Costa that raises the entire staffing area by a few inches.


HMRC. Tossers.

Moving desks. That is the action of hotdesking between stationary desks rather than desks that move.

Bed linen.

Women with partly shaved heads. All it nothing, girls. At least that way you don’t look as though you’ve changed your mind halfway through.

Mittens connected with an elastic string.


That the man in Costa still doesn’t know my name despite the fact he’s been serving me coffee for two years and has the same name as me.

Goatee beards. So 1990s.

Locks that don’t operate properly.

I sense that this may be a very long week.


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