Astounded by WafflePod

by DannyUK

To say I’m astounded is an understatement. Yes, once again I am talking about WafflePod.


The little podcast that Tasha and I started doing last year before putting it on the backburner after about three episodes and then started up again a few months ago.

We’re now about a dozen or so episodes in, and having moved from Podbean which was an external podcast hosting site to Kip’s own website we seem to have moved from strength to strength.

The last five or so podcasts that we have recorded we’ve included Kip on, and I feel like the whole project (for wont of a better word) has kicked on a notch. The nice thing is that we are getting some proper figures back regarding downloads and quite frankly it’s amazing.

Although we seem to have been shilling the podcast out as much as possible to friends and family we’ve got hundreds of people that have listened to it. Hundreds. All listening to three people prattling on for twenty minutes or so. Amazing.

Best of all, it’s still fun to do, and though I foresee a time when we’ll be looking at download figures and seeing that they have dwindled down to single figures, as long as we can find the time and we still enjoying it, there’s no reason why we can’t keep going and pissing about.

There’s no restrictions on what we can say or do, though our own rules about naming people seem to have mostly held firm, and I think both Tasha and I are in agreement that we keep our full names out of the way on the podcast simply because the loud, sweary characters we adopt are completely at odds with the personas we have at work, and rightfully so. (Kip is self-employed, so he has less of a worry in that respect, I think).

The next step for us is to find a way to a) get people to continue downloading us, and b) to get the podcast to grow organically. Not that were chasing figures, but let’s be honest, it’s a great game to play, especially when the figures are getting better and better. The Facebook page is up and running again, the Twitter page was set up when we restarted a few months back, but neither are really being used to any kind of potential.

It’s also nigh on impossible to find out what level of downloads are needed to break into the iTunes Top 100, though one would hope it’s not tens of thousands (surely not that high?), and for that reason - to me at least - it feels as though there is a slight aimlessness to our proceedings. Not that there is anything wrong with that. If we were focussed and committed we’d no doubt not be worth listening to at all.

For now, let’s embrace what we have. It’s fun, it’s funny and it’s a good excuse to meet up if nothing else.

Waffle on, my friends…

Listen to the Wafflepod Podcasts here


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