End of an era. Goodbye Chris Moyles

by DannyUK

It seems weird sitting here tapping away. This blog has been fairly neglected in recent weeks and months, primarily because there is so much going on work-wise and life-wise, and as I’ve alluded to in the past I’m still waiting for things to finalise in a few areas.


I’m sat here at my desk, overlooking the river outside, feeling quite smug as I cleaned the windows a couple of days back so the view is much clearer now. I have the last Chris Moyles show playing in the background and it’s gotten me thinking about how long I’ve listened to him and what I was doing in the past.

He’s been doing the Radio 1 breakfast show since January 2004 when I was working at (and hating) FastSigns. I have memories of working at Powwow Water (when it was known as Braebourne Water) and listening to him do the afternoon show at the same station.

He’s been at Radio 1 since 1997 - when I was just 19 and working as an Apprentice Locksmith at Crown Security - where I have vague memories of him doing the early-morning show, and before that I caught him once or twice on Capital doing shows at some Godawful time.

He’s been at Radio 1 for 15 years. Fifteen years. I could only dream of being at one company for so long. Even at Beneficial, where I thought I’d be forever, I lasted just shy of six years (bloody redundancies!).

The new job is a great place to work, but I’ve given up thinking that I will put my roots down at any one place. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, stability, but it’s a hard thing to get. For now I’m happy to be in love, to enjoy living in my flat and to have a job that doesn’t cause me any great stress.

Long may it continue.

In the meantime, goodbye Chris Moyles.  Don’t stay away too long!


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