Wafflepod Episode 4!

by DannyUK

Wafflepod Episode 4 is up on iTunes and despite it going up a day late, no-one really listens, so no-one really cares. It’s as much of a win-win as it is lose-lose to be honest.


Prince Harry’s balls.

It takes less than three minutes into this week’s Wafflepod for Dan to mention sex, whereas Tasha’s first topic of choice is magicians.  There’s a “magic in the bedroom” joke to be made there, but you can work it out for yourself.

Listen to WafflePod episode 4.

There’s no talk of Prince Harry’s balls, or lions on the loose in Essex, but Episode four brings us:

  • Is the Magic Circle a real place?
  • Why Tasha liked the American rower in the Olympics.
  • Dan explains how to play Cock Or Bollock.
  • Tasha reveals who she hates more than anyone in the world, without ever revealing quite where the hatred stems from.
  • A weird crush is revealed by Tasha.
  • Dan reveals what the study of why triangular sandwiches taste better is called.
  • More Tube games to play!

Spot Tasha’s favourite.

Another twenty minutes of fun-filled friendly chat.  Or twenty minutes of random crap, if you prefer.





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