WafflePod - Episode 3! is on iTunes now (and has been for almost a week, I can’t believe you didn’t notice?)  WafflePod - Episode 3! Three in a row, who’d have thought it?  What’s more, there are another two episodes already recorded, which means that we may reach a massive five weeks worth of blog posts and podcasts. I can barely stop myself from weeing with excitement. if you’re not the iTunes type, it’s also available to download from PodBean.

Episode three brings us:

  • Tasha’s unique use for Lego (don’t try this at home, kids).
  • A record 86 seconds before one of us admits that we shouldn’t have pressed record on this episode.
  • Dan’s lengthy penis story (and yes, I deliberately wrote it like that so you can interpret it how you like)
  • Tasha’s response is a, frankly, hilarious cock-based story of her own.
  • What Tasha is most scared of.

If you swear, laugh and chat crap, then you’re an unofficial Waffler.  If you’re too tired / hungover / bored to have your own conversations, then listen to Episode 3 now and we’ll do it for you.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter - @WafflePodcast though, as always, it’s mostly self-promotion on there.  If you’re the nice type, you’ll retweet this, throw it on Reddit or do something else over and above what Tasha & I are capable of, so that more people will read and download this.  If you’re nice that is.  No pressure.  Honest.  We still love you just the way you are.

You can still enjoy the first episode and the second episode by clicking the links.




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