A week after the first episode went up, we’re back with WafflePod - Episode 2! Wow. If I manage to post the third podcast (for there is indeed a third one recorded already, WaffleFans) this time next week, I may even class this as decent continuity. Ah well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

So what can you expect from Episode 2 of WafflePod Reborn?

  • Tasha doing impressions, including her Scottish one which shouldn’t be missed.
  • Dan’s cumface being referred to derogatorily, before Tasha remembers she hasn’t actually seen it.
  • An appalling impression of Krusty the Clown by Dan.
  • A business name for something to rival MoonPig.
  • Find out what Dan’s mum calls SpongeBob Squarepants.

Full of swearing, laughter and more general waffle, Episode Two should be available here if you’re on iTunes, or here if you’re not.

Don’t forget, we’re also on Twitter - @WafflePodcast though, once again, it’s mostly self-promotion on there.  If you’re the nice type, you’ll retweet this, throw it on Reddit or do something else over and above what Tasha & I are capable of, so that more people will read and download this.  If you’re nice that is.  No pressure.  Honest.  We still love you just the way you are.




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