Signing up to Quidco

by DannyUK

Despite the title of this post, rest assured it isn’t the answer to any question about the time involved in my love making (though, let’s be honest, I’m sure every man has suffered from it at some stage and resorted to the “but it’s a compliment - you’re so sexy I couldn’t help it” line).

No, instead this is about Quidco. After seeing Kip’s review on it, and having earnt a fair whack from it myself, I thought I’d check to see what was involved in joining these days. The first screen that popped up was this.

Signing up to Quidco in 31 seconds

Quite a boast…

“About” 31 seconds? That’s a fairly exact approximation. Whatever happened to rounding up? Even a vague “less than a minute” would be better than 31 seconds. What determines that, exactly? What if I have a really long email address or - more likely - I am cack-handed and need to type my email address in at least three times before accidentally settling on the correct spelling.

Bravo, Quidco, for making the sign-up process so quick. If I hadn’t already joined, I’d be tempted to sign up merely to test the 31-second comment.

To sign up for Quidco, do it via my link here and I’ll get a couple of quid once you’ve made some money yourself 🙂


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