It’s taken us a year or so, but Tasha and I have finally gotten round to recording a new episode of WafflePod. Wafflepod reborn! Deliberately set at only twenty minutes to keep it as short and entertaining as an unscripted chat can be, it’s available to listen to in the “Hear me” section of the website. If you’re reading this, please swing by and leave a comment below!

So what does Episode One bring?

A brief vocal tribute by Tasha to Christian Bale.
Dan’s idea for a brandname for a chain of shops selling burkas.
Tasha momentarily confusing ricotta and terracotta.
Tasha’s Tube Game.

So if you want irreverant chatter, mindless talk and twenty minutes of waffle, download it now and tell us what you think. You can also follow us on Twitter - @WafflePodcast though it’s mostly self-promotion on there.


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