The easiest sport to master

by DannyUK

What do you think is the easiest sport to master?


Obviously this question is brought about by watching the Olympics, where the majority of sports have so many possible situations that it would be impossible to train for each and every one.

For example, football. You can learn how to pass, shoot or kick a ball. You can learn the tactical side. You can practice set pieces and dead ball situations, but you can’t try out what happens when the ball collides off of an opponent, or if there’s a massive amount of spin on the ball which causes it to react differently to if it came at you without spin.

Darts, however, has fewer variables. You have a set of darts that you can practice with and use in competition. You always stand the same distance away from the board. There are few external factors that would affect your gameplay, so, in theory, it should be easier to master.

10,000 hours is what is needed to become an expert in something. If I start playing darts now, maybe I’ll be able to topple Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor before I reach retirement age.


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