The Meadows Chelmsford

by DannyUK

The Meadows Chelmsford seemed an easy place to start when earlier this week I was trying to do a small piece of research on Chelmsford and how it has changed.


Not being the investigative sort, I didn’t know where to start and thus decided I’d choose The Meadows as I know is around two decades old and as good a place to start as any.

Wikipedia was my first port of call, though I must admit that I was expecting more than the stub article that was there. I thought I’d send a quick email to the Meadows Customer Service team to see if they could provide any more information.

The Meadows Shopping Centre - Wikipedia before

Meadows Shopping Centre - Wikipedia before

Tracking down an email address for them seemed almost impossible based on my 30 seconds of research, so I settled for filling in the “Contact Us” section of their website, explaining that I was looking for some more information on their shopping centre so that I could update the likes of Wikipedia for those that are as nosey as me.

A few hours later I received a reply from Lauren Gillion, the Marketing and Commercialisation Manager at the centre.

“Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the email that you sent via our website.

Could you please let me know what websites this information is for before I supply anything.

Best Regards


Slightly perturbed by the fact that they needed to know where I was putting the information online, (perhaps had I replied that it wasn’t for nefarious uses they’d be more open?) I sent back a quick email.


It’s more for my own nosiness to be honest, but I’d also put it on Wikipedia (with your permission, of course!)


Short, sweet and to the point, I thought.

I was hoping for a link to a website about the centre, maybe some history on the site and it’s position in Chelmsford, or even a couple of lines about what had been passed down from those who have worked there since it began.

The reply?

“Hello Dan,

The Meadows opened in 1992 – unfortunately I don’t know what was on the sight prior to this, perhaps the Essex Records Office would be able to help.

Best Regards


So there you have it. Meadows Shopping Centre, Chelmsford, Essex. Opened in 1992. What else could there be to know about it? Before you ask, yes, I updated Wikipedia.

The Meadows Shopping Centre - Wikipedia after

The Meadows Shopping Centre - Wikipedia after


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