What county is Cambridge in?

by DannyUK

After spending a couple of days away from home, and several hours travelling, my mind has been wandering again.


Coupled with the caffeine effect and had there been someone with me in the car, I dare say I’d have chatted away the whole time. As it was I drove alone, and despite having several thoughts for good blog posts, most of the ideas have left me already.

Although this is infuriating, it’s not the first time it’s happened to me, so having stopped off three quarters of the way home, I thought I’d give Dragon Dictation a go after someone praised it highly on Twitter.

I know that I have a habit of speaking too fast. My words tend to trip over into each other and merge into one, and some phrases I simply struggle to say.

At work I have to read out a script to customers which contains the words “Fraud Prevention Agencies” three times in one paragraph. I cannot say it without stumbling. So I was intrigued as to how this voice recognition program would cope. Here’s the short piece that I dictated after it had been spat back at me by the app:

“I was driving back through Cambridge today all-round Cambridge and maybe remember the time Tasha and I were driving and we can figure out what Co Cambridge using xylophagous fathers it’s a real Dietzel conversation about it only realises actually in Cambridgeshire clues in the title YJ it’s easy to getting back off I’ll stop off someone on the way back from Stasko’s house to have a coffee somewhere Hanstock before deciding on Huntingdon Aberbargoed didn’t mechanise any of it popped up on us or car park scroll down on my street again bumetanide David and all of a sudden noticed I bride-to-be here a year ago on rightfully one adenomyosis Castel Alkazar”

This translates, as my memory best serves me, to:

“I was driving back through Cambridge today - or round Cambridge - and it made me remember the time Tasha and I were driving and we couldn’t figure out “what county is Cambridge in?”. It was only after a real detailed conversation about it that we realised it’s actually in Cambridgeshire. The clue’s in the title. Mind you, it’s easily done. I thought I’d stop off somewhere on the way back from Scouse Girl’s house to have a coffee somewhere I hadn’t been before - deciding on Huntingdon. That’d be good. I didn’t recognise any of it, parked up in a car park, strolled down the street again (??) and all of a sudden noticed I appeared to be here a year ago on ironically on my way up to see Scouse Girl before.”

As much as I’d love to blame the software, I noticed as I spoke that my speech started slow and defined and rapidly descended into fast-flowing dialogue with an Essex twang, so I never really stood a chance.

What county is cambridge in - image from cambridge2000.com

In case you were wondering what county Cambridge is in, it’s in Cambridgeshire!

My mind has always worked faster than my mouth, so if I were to ever use this again I would really have to slow down, which would definitely diminish any impact I was trying to have.


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