You look wonderful tonight. Wonderful, but poor.

by DannyUK

Love songs. Love them or hate them, they are popular and sell by the bucketloads.


Even when the song is about a break-up (I give you Every Breath You Take as a prime example. More of a stalker’s song than a love song.) it still does well.

The one thing that every love song has in common is that it’s about someone.

Not a group of people. Not a thing, or a place, but one single person.

As I drove home from visiting Tasha the other day, negotiating the back streets of Colchester, cursing Orange for having some scarce coverage in places when I want to call people on the move, my mind wandered. What is the etiquette around love songs? The writer falls in love, gets inspired and writes the song. But what about the person that has been the inspiration? Do they get anything?

You look wonderful tonight - Patti Boyd, inspiration behind many songs - Taken from an article by

Patti Boyd - So beautiful that I want to write a hit song about her…

Patti Boyd, ex-wife of both former Beatle George Harrison and Eric Clapton is reputed to the be girl written about in a few songs, most notably “Something” by the Beatles and “Wonderful Tonight” by Clapton.

Does she get any credit? Is her name alongside the lyrics? While these two men have made fortunes off the back of their songs about her, has she made anything from it?

I think it must be galling to be the centre of songs so popular, to know that they are about you when you hear them countless times when out, and to receive no financial reward. Maybe I’ve just greedy and financially motivated.


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