iPhone hints and tips

by DannyUK

When I first got my iPhone I didn’t have a clue how to use most of the little features.


Now it’s been a couple of years and I still occasionally stumble across new things I’d either long forgotten about or simply never seen before.

So, for my own benefit as well as for others who may stumble across it, and in no particular order, here are my little hints and tips for using an iPhone.

  • Touch the top of the screen to rapidly scroll to the top.
  • Tap the off button once to switch the vibrate off, tap it again to reject a call.
  • Take a screenshot of your screen by pressing the Home and On/Off button together.
  • Show battery percentage by going to Settings > General > Usage.
  • Double click Shift quickly to type in all Capitals.
iphone hints and tips - Some handy tips on using your iPhone, including how to turn on CAPS LOCK - DannyUK.com

Double-tap the shift key for caps lock!

  • When using the official Twitter app and replying to a tweet, pull the screen down for a reminder of the text you’re replied to.
  • If you tap and hold a key when writing a text message, it will bring up more options (for example holding the “o” key brings up the degree sign)
  • Pressing space twice quickly will insert a full stop and capitalise the next letter.
  • You can make your own shortcuts so that when you type a certain shortcut it will automatically bring up the phrase you’ve assigned it to.  For example typing “omw” followed by a space should amend it to “on my way”.  This can be done by opening Settings > General > Keyboard and looking in the shortcuts setting.


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